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Malvin Stern
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My name is Sondra J. Stern and this is my story.

One day I surfed to a website called  NAVetsUSA.com, a web site dedicated to Navy veterans.  On NavetsUSA.com, a Navy veteran can get their own web page, complete with pictures of their choice and their story.  They can also look up, and find, other veterans they served with. NavetsUSA.com does a great service to Navy veterans. Through this wonderful web site, I discovered a whole new pride for my father, a WWII era Navy Veteran.  I am driven to find out his story and put it on his web page http://www.navetsusa.com/members/mstern.html on NavetsUSA.com. My father is in ill health now, I pray he will recover enough to tell me  what I want to know about his service in the WWII Navy.  I have many questions for him. I have so far learned that he went to boot camp at Sampson Naval Basic Training Camp, which happens to be about an hour and a half from where I  live.  I am so excited about this as I am planning a trip there to learn more about his beginnings in the Navy.

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Sampson WW-2 Navy Museum.  I would love to tell you all about it.
First, let me tell you a little something about Sampson Naval Training Station.  It was established in 1942, trained 411,429 young men to become sailors, and sent them off to participate in the greatest conflict of modern times, World War 2.  With the training schools, ships company and the largest Naval Hospital on the eastern sseaboard, almost 1 million people were associated with this important facility.
This Navy Memorial Museum is dedicated to these boys, turned into men, and especially to those men who did not return and made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
The Museum itself has been created by the thousands of members of the Sampson WW-2 Navy Veterans organization.
I arrived at Sampson, Saturday, July 23.  I immediately went to work looking for my father.  Without knowing my dad's company number, I searched through hundreds of company photos.  I called my dad from Sampson to ask his company number but, his memory could not produce it.  So I searched on.  I also looked through books of thousands of names hoping, with luck, that I would come across his name.
Although I never found him, I swelled with pride that I was standing in a place my dad once stood.  I saw the dentist chair, the original, that my dad once sat in.
I had one thought as I searched for my father's face in photos and his name in books,
these faces and names are why I am free.
I have a tremendous respect for WW-2 veterans and all veterans as they have kept us free.
My dad told me that when he arrived at Sampson, May 1945, there was no roon at the inn so to speak, he was made to sleep on a pool table in one of the many buildings that once made up Sampson.  He told me he could hardly walk the next day after sleeping on the table.
When I spoke with my dad, after my visit, he told me I had brought back so many memories for him, good ones he explained.
The museum itself is a treasure trove of artifacts from Sampson's day.  It was awesome to think of all those thousands of men who were so eager to fight for our freedon. If you ever get a chance to visit Sampson, I highly recommend it.  While you are there, remember why you are free.

Sondra J Stern

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