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Eric Campbell
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Rick Campbell

Eric Campbell
17815 Falconcrest Circle
Germantown, MD 20874M 87107
Iím Rick (Eric) Campbell, a fellow NAVetsUSA member who retired last year after thirty-two years in the Navy. As I approached retirement, I decided to try my hand at writing novels and ended up with a book deal with Macmillan / St. Martinís Press, one of the biggest publishers in the country.

My first book, a submarine thriller titled The Trident Deception, is getting fantastic reviews.  Booklist has even hailed it as Ė the best submarine novel written in the last 30 years!  (Iíve pasted the early reviews below.)  My publisher is very excited about the book and is heavily promoting it, and the book will be featured at the front of all Barnes & Nobles stores nationwide for two weeks.  However, over 1000 novels are published each week (7000 when you include self-published novels), and my publisher can keep me at the front of bookstores for only so long before itís swept into oblivion by the tidal wave of new novels.

Iíve got a short window for my book to become a success.  If the book doesnít catch on, publishers these days wonít give you a second chance Ė theyíll toss you aside and look for the next hot thing.  The book is getting great reviews, but thatíll amount to a hillís worth of beans if not enough people hear about the book.  My publisher is doing everything they can via traditional means, and Iím doing my best to help, reaching out to those I think would enjoy reading it.

I think NAVetsUSA members are the perfect audience and would enjoy reading The Trident Deception.  If possible, Iíd like to arrange an email from NAVetsUSA to our members when the book is published in March, letting them know about the book.  Iím willing to pay an appropriate fee or make a donation to your organization for this privilege, assuming I can afford it.

So thatís my pitch.  Can you help me?  Can you help spread the word about a really good submarine novel thatís getting fantastic reviews?  Iíve put a ton of work into writing the book, finding an agent, getting a book deal, and now Iíve got a narrow window to turn my dream of becoming a successful writer into a reality.

I would really, really, appreciate your help, letting everyone in association know thereís a really good new submarine novel they might enjoy reading.

Rick Campbell

Here are the reviews!

ďFans of submarine thrillers who are saddened by the demise of Tom Clancy will welcome Campbellís debut.Ē

ó Publishers Weekly

ďA terrific thriller debut. Campbell does an amazing job, balancing character interaction with high-octane action, all the while keeping the technical jargon to a level understandable by nonmilitary readers. This is the best novel about a submarine since Tom Clancyís classic The Hunt For Red October (1984).Ē

ó Jeff Ayers, Booklist starred review

ďNo one puts the reader inside a submarine like Rick Campbell does in The Trident Deception. I couldnít put it down. Compelling and thrilling, this novel is a must read.Ē

ó Jack Coughlin, New York Times bestselling author of Shooter and Time to Kill

ďThe Trident Deception is a fistfight of a thriller.  A masterpiece.Ē

ó Dalton Fury, former Delta Force, and New York Times bestselling author of Kill Bin Laden and Tier One Wild

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