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Founder Edward C. Reese, NCCS, USN, Retired
Currently serving as a
Master Chief
New York Naval Guard
Life Member
Don Johnson
Plank Owner
Life Member in good standing

Don Johnson
LT, USN (Ret)
11349 Church St.
Independence, OR 97351
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and Books written by Donald Johnson

Books written by Donald Johnson 

Faith, Family, Friends: Stories,
Testimonies, Devotionals, Poems, Quotes
By Donald Johnson 

Our price: $16.95 
Format: Paperback 
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 206
ISBN: 0-595-21851-2
Published: Mar-2002 

Read how faith in God has changed the lives of people, their families and their friends. 
Book Description

Faith, Family, Friends encompasses stories, testimonies from Christians, and devotionals from members of the Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship, poems and quotes. In Part I, you will see the faith the authors have in God. In Part II, the authors tell about family and what it means to them and how faith in God becomes a part of their lives. Part III, the authors tell about friendships and how those friendships affect or have affected their lives and their faith in God. Sit back, read and enjoy.

It Wasn't Just a Job; It Was an Adventure: SAILOR STORIES from U.S. Navy Sailors of WWII, Vietnam, Persian Gulf and Peacetime Deployments 
By Donald Johnson 

Our price: $16.95 
Format: Paperback 
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 222
ISBN: 0-595-26102-7
Published: Dec-2002 

A compilation of short stories from the author and other contributors of what really goes on aboard Navy ships and at shore facilities. Many stories are humorous while others are heart wrenching.

Book Description

Have you ever wondered what your sailor husband, wife or friend does at sea or at that overseas Navy facility? This book will tell you some of the things that go on. You will read about "The Perfect Storm", practical jokes, Navy food, the loss of a shipmate at sea and much, much more. Sit back and read these Sailors' stories.
Am I A Good Daddy?: 
Becoming A Family Man 
By Donald Johnson 

 Our price: $14.95 
Format: Paperback 
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 154
ISBN: 0-595-34424-0
Published: Mar-2005

 Am I A Good Daddy? provides up and coming Daddies suggestions on how be a good Daddy or how to improve. 

Book Description
Am I A Good Daddy is a great Christian resource for up and coming Daddies. 

Author Donald Johnson has over 32 years as a Daddy. He feels that he is just now learning to be a good Daddy. He is taking his life experiences including mistakes and providing up and coming Daddies with suggestions on how they can begin fatherhood or how they can improve their current status as a Daddy. He has taken the term Family Man and has turned it into an acronym to discuss all parts of fatherhood. The acronym is:

  • Fatherhood
  • Accountability
  • Manliness
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Yielding
  • Motivate
  • Attitude
  • Nurturing
Am I A Good Daddy? is a good resource and does provide you with some excellent suggestions about fatherhood.

American Sailor:
More Adventures To Go With The Job 
By Donald Johnson

 Our price: $17.95 
Format: Paperback 
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 214
ISBN: 0-595-41175-4
Published: Nov-2006

Take an in-depth look at life in the U.S Navy with this fascinating compilation of naval stories from World War II through Operation Desert Storm. 

Book Description
There is nothing glamorous about war! If I had to choose one word to describe war, it would be BORING. War is a LOT of waiting. During WWII in the Navy you did the same routine day after day after day until you did your routine like a bunch of zombies.  —from “Life Aboard the Sara During WW II” by Vern Bluhm

From World War II through Operation Desert Storm, American Sailor: More Adventures To Go With The Job tells exciting stories of a sailor’s life at sea during war and peace. Compiled from the experiences of author Donald Johnson and other U.S. Navy sailors, American Sailor delivers a fascinating glimpse into the everyday exploits of men at sea.

Johnson includes riveting accounts of ship collisions, port calls, sailor humor, and personal experiences from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Patriotic stories, stories from Navy Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, and tributes are also included.

With such adventures as the Battle of Guadalcanal and the Battle of Okinawa as seen through the eyes of a sailor on the USS Saratoga and those of a naval intelligence specialist in Operation Desert Storm, American Sailor demonstrates the uniqueness of life in the Navy.

Don Johnson LT, USN (Ret)
    • 1969 - Recruit (Boot Camp), Great Lakes Recruit Training Center
    • 1969 - Student, RM "A" School, Bainbridge, MD
    • 1970 - Watch Supervisor, CR Division, USS Guadalupe (AO-32), Homeport: Long Beach, CA
    • 1971 - Student, SATCOM School, NAVCOMMU Cheltenham, MD
    • 1971 - Watch Supervisor, SATCOM Division, NAVCOMMSTA GUAM
    • 1973 - 1976 U.S. Navy Reserves 
    • 1976 - Leading Petty Officer, CR Division, USS Peoria (LST-1183), Homeport: San Diego, CA
    • 1979 - Fleet Telecommunications Operaions Center Supervisor, NAVCAMS EASTPAC Wahiawa, HI
    • 1982 - Commissioned an Ensign under LDO Selection Program
    • 1982 - Telecommunications Dept., NAVSECGRUACT Adak AK
    • 1984 - RAdio Officer and later CommO, USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3), Homeport: San Diego, CA
    • 1987 - Officer in Charge, Naval Telecommunications Center, Mare Island, CA
    • 1990 - Assistant CommO, later CommO, USS Independence (CV-62), Homeport: San Diego, CA and Yokosuka, JA

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