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the ships of desron twenty-eight
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This page is being built to honor the seven destroyers that were in desron 28 in the early 60's all seven were world war two tin cans, that were called 2150's fletcher class destroyers.. 

They all were brought back into service and reclassified as dde's,they were upgraded with the latest antisubmarine equipment financing a new era in Naval history and became one of only two anti-sub task groups,desron 28 was TASK GROUP ALPHA and patrolled the east coast hunting russian subs. 

Desron 28 was split into two groups destroyer division 28-1 consisting of the Waller dde 466,Conway dde507, Cony dde 508,destroyer division 28-2 consisted of the Bache dde 470, Beale dde 471, Eaton dde 510,and the Murray dde 576, I myself feel that we were the first missle ships in the navy, for each ship had on the 01 level forward a weapon called WEAPON ALPHA this would fire a torpedo connected to a missile,and I myself feel this was the baby of what became called asroc,which to this day are carried aboard some of the ships. 

My present plans are to put pictures and with a little luck the ships crests from the desron 28 ships on this page and as time gos on and a lot of luck in learning how to do all of this I hope to put desron 28 as it is today, I am still looking for a (hopefully) colored picture of our desron 28 insignia that was painted on the forward stack,today's desron 28 insignia is not the same,also I do have the address of desron 28 today if anyone wants to contact me for it. This page will always be under construction I hope, I also at this time would like to thank a couple of the best shipmates a person could ever hope for, Jerry Stucky (even though he was a bm) and Dave Achs they have supported me in this project and have offered to help me if I run into any trouble,it just show's how destroyermen stick together and help each other out, only in the DESTROYER NAVY are men so close to one another.. 

At present I am just now trying to learn how to build a web page and do not feel I'm ready for the advance editor as of yet, so,  to view my other two pages you need to go to my  links, on destroyer division 28-1--28-2 i have links to the home pages of the ships of desron 28 in the sixty's, the bache, conway, eaton and four pages of my shipmates of the beale (that has to almost be a record number of pages for one ship) my third page of desron 28 of the 1990's has the home pages of the ships of today, nothing real fancy yet but hope to improve as time go's on. 

I would like to inform anyone that would like to build a model of the ship they were on that the link I have added above b&d ship models,makes what i feel is a great model,they are not easy to build if you have never built a wood model but if you take you'r time you will end up with a model second to none. I have no connection to them nor do i get anything from them for linking my page to there page,this is just to inform you of there products, I myself have bought 15 of the models they offer and intend to buy more.

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