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"The first Navy Veterans' Organization created on, and for, the World Wide Web." 
Founder Edward C. Reese, 
NCCS, USN, Retired 
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Charles A. Austin Jr.
Member, NAVetsUSA 
Charles A. Austin Jr.
    Boatswain Mate, Charles A. Austin Jr., Skivy Cruise (17th birthday til 21st birthday). First ship Bache D.D. 470 out of  Staten Island, Shakedown Cruise. 

    Amphibious next-tour Mud Hole of Little Creek, Virginia. At which I recieved Coxswain Rate. After a trip to North Africa, a stop in Sicily operating an L.C.M. returned to Africa rest and hospital.  

    During stay in hospital, crew getting ready for Italy. Got released from hospital to join in the festivities, celibrated 18th birthday in battle for Salerno. Earned my 2nd Battle Star. Returned to Africa to A navel Base, finished 18 months Tour of Duty. 

    Returned to USA for rest and rehabilitation leave of 30 days, after which they gave me a rest cruise aboard the Biddle D.D. 151, a nice tour in the North Atlantic, Picket Duty. 

    A side trip to Cuba, back to Boston, Germans quit. Prepared ship to become an A.G. Japs knew we were coming and they quit. Ship decommissoned, set to receiving station Brooklyn Navy Yard. 

    Volunteered to sign aboard newly commissioned heavy cruiser Helena for first peace time Goodwill Cruise for me. It lasted till England when spinal damage which happened in Sicily caught up to me, and they hauled me out of 8 in Turret. Sent me ashore in England. Army said can't fix there, sent me to Paris for flight home. Kept getting bumped by Brass, so they decided to send me by hospital train to Bremerhauen to catch hospital ship home. By the time I arrived in New York, I could walk again.  

    Waited for draft again, this time sent to Boca Chica, Florida to teach Navy Air how to clean ship. When they looked in service jacket they found out a Coxswain operating  small craft. 

    Finished tour running fishing boat for Brass.

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Last updated 4 August  1998
Founded by Edward C. Reese, NCCS, USN Retired  
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