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"The first Navy Veterans' Organization created on, and for, the World Wide Web."
Founder Edward C. Reese,
NCCS, USN, Retired
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The Shipmate
Navy Veterans of the United States of America 
  Weekly Magazine 
by: YNCS Don Harribine, USN (Ret), Ship's Writer 
Barry A. Cruikshank, Ship's Writer Striker

24 September 1999


  Well done! Somebody is going to have a tough act to follow. I know the
  effort it must have taken you. I put out my Lions Club newsletter, 3 sometimes 4
  pages, once a month and that is struggle at times and a real chore all the other
  Every month it seems I'm confronted with a complete lack of cooperation from
  the members.
  Good luck and good health to you and family.

  Marty Strauss.
  Thanks for all you support and efforts, Good luck C.S.Solis SMCM (SW)

  On behalf of myself, and I'm sure many of the recipients of your/our
  Newsletter. THANK YOU, AND BZ.
  Your efforts were greatly appreciated.
  Capt. David S. Oppenheim
  The honor has indeed been ours... good luck to you in all your
  Fair Winds and Following Seas"
  Mike Corriveau
  MMCM(SW) USN ret >>
This week's issues: 
Special Compensation for Severely Disabled Retirees: Are 
You Eligible? 
COLA Projection Update 
House Passes Authorization Bill 
Last Chance on Flag Amendment for 1999
Since reporting the authorization conferees' approval of the 
new special compensation for certain severely disabled 
retirees, we've received many calls from subscribers who 
want to know whether they would qualify for the extra $100 
to $300 per month.
The eligibility rules are very tight, and many won't qualify. 
To be eligible, a member must have: 
1) Completed at least 20 years of uniformed service "that 
are creditable for purposes of computing the amount of 
retired pay" (see comments below); 
2) Retired for reasons other than disability; and 
3) Received a disability rating of at least 70% from the 
Department of Veterans Affairs within 4 years after 
leaving uniformed service.
The two main issues arising in light of these requirements 
concern their effect on Reserve retirees and military 
disability retirees.
First, Department of Defense sources indicate it is not yet 
certain whether Reserve and Guard retirees will be eligible. 
TROA's assessment is that they should be, since the 
terminology used is "uniformed service" rather than "active 
duty uniformed service." But Department of Defense lawyers 
are reviewing whether the word "computing" in the phrase 
"creditable for purposes of computing the amount of retired 
pay" requires 20 years of full_time duty. If they render 
the latter interpretation, TROA will be asking Congress to 
review the matter.
The second problem is that members who received military 
disability retirements from their uniformed service are not 
eligible, regardless of any subsequent disability award from 
the VA. There have been two possible rationales offered for 
this exclusion: 
1) The primary argument for relief from the current law has 
been that military retired pay and VA disability compensation 
are paid for different reasons: the retired pay is for 
length of service and the VA disability compensation is for 
disability. This is clearly true for nondisability retirees, 
but more nebulous for disability retirees, since part of 
their retired pay is for disability, too. There was some 
concern that these members might be seen as receiving 
multiple forms of disability compensation for the same 
2) Many disability retirees already receive greater retired 
pay than members with equal grade and service who received 
nondisability service retirements. For example, a member 
receiving a nondisability retirement after 20 years receives 
50% of basic pay, whereas a military disability retiree with 
equal grade and service who has a disability rating of 80% 
or greater receives 75% of basic pay. Thus, the proposal was 
aimed mainly at helping those severely disabled retirees 
currently receiving relatively smaller compensation.
But it's clear there are lots of cases that these arguments 
don't fit, and that another look at the language is needed 
to ensure equity among various categories of retirees. TROA 
will be working with Congress in an effort to address this 
matter for military disability retirees.
COLA Projection Update
The Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday announced the 
Consumer Price Index (CPI) number for August. This is 
important because the CPI is the basis for the upcoming 
(effective December 1) COLA for Social Security, military 
retired pay, SBP, VA disability compensation, etc.
The news is that the CPI went up about three_tenths of a 
percentage point in August. What this means that's really 
important to our members is:
The December COLA now looks like it's going to be either 
2.3% or 2.4%. We won't know for sure until the final 
September CPI figures come out in the middle of October.
As a refresher, the Dec 1999 COLA is calculated by taking 
the average of the CPI numbers for July, August and September 
of 1999 and dividing that figure by the average CPI for the 
same three months in 1998.
If the September CPI growth exactly matches the August 
increase, the COLA will be 2.4% (rounded up from 2.375). If 
inflation slows down a little in September, the COLA could 
be 2.3%. If inflation takes a bigger jump in September, it 
might get up to 2.5%.
House Passes Authorization Bill
On Wednesday, the House passed the final version of the 
FY2000 Defense Authorization Act by an overwhelming vote of 
375 to 45. The latest word from the Senate is that the Act 
won't come up for a vote in that chamber before Tuesday 
evening at the earliest.
Assuming the Senate passes it as expected, it will take a 
couple of days for administrative clearance to the White 
House. Then the President will have 10 days from arrival to 
sign or veto it, or it will become law in the absence of any 
presidential action.
Last Chance on Flag Amendment for 1999
In last week's update we highlighted the Flag anti_desecration 
amendment as one of the significant pieces of unfinished 
congressional business, and noted the seeming slide toward 
Senate inaction despite the amendment's passage in the House 
by a wide margin.
Several members have asked what they could do to try to 
stimulate the Senate to a vote on this important measure. 
The key thing is to contact your senators and urge them to 
cosponsor and pass the amendment
"HALL, BARBARA (X35727)" wrote:
> I am trying to find a replica of the Iwo Jima Memorial Monument. Can you 
> tell me where I might find one?

If anyone can help, reply to BHALL@hklaw.com or barryc@alumni.Princeton.EDU
Welcome:Aboard Jack Chantemerle
Welcome Aboard Bob Day!
Barry A. Cruikshank
Ship's Writer Striker

In This Issue ... Cold War Certificates-help your fellow veterans in your local area

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It is my pleasure to announce that , Shipmate Don Harribine, our
 shipswriter, from Peabody, Massachusetts, has received the prestigious,
 "NAVetsUSA Shipmate of the Year"  award for 1998. With this award he
    will receive a plaque with the NAVetsUSA emblem and next year's dues
   paid by NAVetsUSA. Congratulations Don, and well done!
                                      Bravo Zulu from the ship and crew!
                                            All hands please visit;
                                            for more information

The Brockport Post
Seafaring club celebrates seventh year

By Matt Ried

Seven years ago, the Navy Club of Lake Ontario was just a glimmer
in Ed Reese's eye.

During an old Navy day celebration at the VFW post in Holley, NY,
the navy veteran began soliciting names of people who would be
interested in forming a club.

Reese collected and submitted 50 names to the Navy Club of the USA
He only needed 25 to be considered for membership, but the
application still had some rough water ahead.

"The national organization gives out charter numbers sequentially,
so our number probably should have been in the 250s," he said.
But Reese wanted his club to have the charter number 1812, for
several reasons.

One was to help honor the ship on which Reese first served, the
Constitution. The other reason was to commemorate the War of 1812,
in which many naval battles were fought on the Great Lakes. In the
end, Reese got his charter.

"They figured out some way for the computer to accept 1812," he

The Navy Club is open to former members of the Navy, Marine Corps,
and Coast Guard. Honorary memberships are also given out to people
"who have made a substantial contributions to the club". Reese is also the founder of NAVetsUSA.

NCCS Edward C. Reese, USN, ret.
At the Navy Club, Museum


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