Master Chief Navy Counselor
RESUME Edward C. Reese


2011-Retired Affairs Officer (RAO) Mayport Naval Station, Mayport, Florida
2007- (Summer) Assistant to the Director, WWII US Navy Training Center Museum , Sampson NY State Park
2005- (Winter) Naval Air Station Sigsbee Key West
2002 - 2003 - Re-elected Commander, Navy Club of Lake Ontario, Ship 1812 Inc. This organization is a member of the Orleans County Joint Veterans Council

2002 - Awarded the New York State Defense of Liberty Medal by the Governor for homeland defense service in response to the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center

2000 - 2001 - Elected President, Orleans County Joint Veterans Council

2000 - Promoted to Master Chief Navy Councilor, New York Naval Militia "New York  States Navy Component of the National Guard"

2000 - Awarded the New York State Meritorious Service Medal

1999 - Current Naval Reserve Center Rochester Coordinator, New York Naval Militia
  • Command Master Chief, New York Naval Militia (NYNM)
  • Coordinate all activities for NYNM-Region III at NRC Rochester
  • Recall Officer for NY State disasters
  • Created current web site (http://www.navetsusa.com/NYNM-RegionIII)
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • 1997 - Current NAVETSUSA (http://www.navetsusa.com)
  • Founder, Commander, and Webmaster
  • The first Veterans Organization created on, and for, the World Wide Web
  • Over 300 dues-paying members
  • 1995 - Current Navy Recruiting District Buffalo (RDAC)
  • Advisory Council Member
  • Advise on Recruiting Techniques
  • Send Referrals to western New York Navy Recruiters
  • Western New York Region Community Networking Liaison
  • 1995 - 1997 Navy Club of the United States of America
  • Editor, Quarterdeck, National Newsletter
  • Coordinated national NCUSA news and reports
  • Edited for quarterly newsletter
  • Printed
  • Distributed
  • 1992 - Current Navy Club of Lake Ontario Ship 1812, Inc., Brockport, New York
  • Member of Navy Club, USA since 1972
  • Founder, First and Past Commander (4 years)
  • Recruited 50 USN, USMC, and USCG veterans to create local charter for NCUSA
  • Incorporator of the Corporation, 1997
  • Coordinated community activities such as Cold War Certificates assistance, funeral details, and veteran parades
  • Recruited 14 new members during processing of the Cold War Certificates
  • Recruited over 100 dues-paying members in the past seven years, with a current membership of 90
  • Located and coordinated the purchase of the current club headquarters, prepared bonds for/and raised $10,000.00 from 20 members toward down payment and costs. Insured those Bond debts were satisfied in 2001
  • Created current web site and newsletter on line at http://www.navetsusa.com/1812.html
  • Recruited 12 new members from the NYNM ranks into the Navy Club
  • Recruited 35 associate members
  • 2001 - Assisted the current Commander in returning a Navy Club that has, in recent years, been bankrupt of talent and bankrupt of assets back to solvency
  • Served as Paymaster and Shipswriter of the 8th largest Navy Club in the USA
  • 1987 - 1999 Printing By Reese, Brockport, New York
  • Owner/Operator
  • Perform all duties in production-oriented commercial Print Shop
  • Main Street, storefront business

  • 5/86 - 5/87 Orleans County Correctional Facility, Albion, New York

  • New York State Vocational Instructor, Printing
  • Developed training programs
  • Responsible for teaching groups of 8 - 15 Inmates printing skills in a production-oriented Print Shop
  • Duties included shop safety, supervision, report writing, lesson planning and maintaining records of expenditures

  • 6/85 - 5/86 The George Heisel Corporation (National Ambulance), Rochester, New York

  • Director of Printing
  • Responsible for the production of a large volume of printed material used by a major Health Care Organization.
  • Duties included lay-out, stripping, plate making, operating RYOBI Offset Press, bindery, inventory, ordering supplies, and controlling expenditures
  • Over-all shop management

  • 6/81 - 6/84 Navy Recruiting District, Buffalo, New York

  • Zone Supervisor, Western New York Region
  • Responsible for twelve (12) Navy Recruiting Offices and twenty (20) government vehicles.
  • Supervised twenty-five (25) Senior Enlisted Military Members
  • Assigned recruiting goals and ensured attainment
  • Completed individual Performance Evaluations
  • Developed training programs, and performed all pertinent  supervisory/management duties

  • 4/78 - 6/81 U.S. Navy Recruiting, Rochester, New York

  • Recruiting Station Manager
  • Responsible for (3) Navy Recruiting Offices and (5) Government Vehicles
  • Supervised (9) Navy Petty Officers
  • Provided training, and ensured assigned goals were met

  • 12/75 - 4/78 USS Forrestal (CV-59)

  • Print Shop Supervisor
  • Responsible for the printing of materials for the aircraft carrier and attached air squadrons
  • Supervised and trained (10) Navy Lithographers
  • Ordered and procured supplies for extended deployments
  • Performed over-all shop management duties

  • 6/71 - 12/75 US Navy Recruiting, Lockport, New York

  • Navy Recruiter
  • Performed High School and College visits
  • Ordered recruiting literature and supplies
  • Met assigned recruiting goals during transition to the all-volunteer force

  • 4/70 - 6/71 USS Simon Lake (AS-33)

  • Print Shop Supervisor
  • Responsible for the printing of all materials for the ship and attached nuclear submarines
  • Supervised and trained (4) Petty Officers and non-rated Navy members

  • 7/68 - 4/70 Navy Printing and Publications Service Office, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

    4/66 - 7/68 USS Sierra (AD-18)
  • Lithographer
  • Prepared layouts for printing
  • Produced halftones and line negatives
  • Stripped negatives
  • Made printing plates
  • Operated shop presses

  • 4/65 - 4/66 USS Constitution (IX-21) (Old Ironsides)

  • National Ceremonial Honor Guard
  • Conducted tours of Old Ironsides
  • Helped maintain the ship
  • Member of funeral detail for veterans in the Boston area

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