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"The first Navy Veterans' Organization created on, and for, the World Wide Web."

Founder Edward C. Reese,
NCCS, USN, Retired


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Merrill H. Wilson HMC USN Ret., From Pensacola, FL, Date: 1998-01-13
Outstanding web pages, if the organization is as well organized, I know I'll enjoy my membership.
Steve Holderby (RM2), From Grand Jct., Co, Date: 1997-12-25
Good site! Found 2 shipmates just browsing the logbook! I'll join as soon as I can separate my better half from the checkbook...
Alan Gurman, From Australia, Date: 1997-06-10
Would be interested to know if a Australian NAvy CPO can join your club
Bill A. Cooper, From Las Vegas, NV, Date: 1997-06-11
Great to see a site like this! Can a CWO3,USN(Ret.) former OSCS(SW) join in?
Dennis Johnson, From Ft. Lauderdale FL, Date: 1997-07-18
great site, loved the idea of a shipboard convention in '98
Dewey Pollock, From lakeland, Florida, Date: 1997-05-05
Excellent site, will be back often and will consider a membership..
Linda Lopez, From Currently the DC area, Date: 1997-06-27
A lot of work went into this. It looks really good.
Bob Shelton, From Longview, Texas, Date: 1997-10-29
What say Mate? I was reading through some info on the USS Forrestal and came across your site. Good job, keep up the good work. "Old sailors never die" Bob Shelton
Daryl Hahn, From Tempe, AZ, Date: 1997-05-17
I'm an ex Navy airdale (WWII) type who thinks you have a super good site.
Gary Wright, From Jacksonville, FL, Date: 1997-09-02
This type of site truly helps in furthering the mission of the finest Navy in the world. Keep up the good work.
J. Michael Taylor, From Ex-USS Chicago CG-11 sailor, Date: 1997-05-27
Good stuff, here. We have a tendency to remember the good stuff and to suppress the bad. This is the good stuff.
Lynn Mathews, From Dunkirk, New York, Date: 1997-12-06
Found your site while looking for info on two ships that I served on. Very excellent web site!! Will consider joining - will pass on to members of NAVY Club USA branch here in Lake Erie Shore area (Ship#231) - lots of NAVY vets out there.
Kirk Rosa, ICC(SW/AW), USN RET, From BOILING SPRINGS, PA, DATE: 1997-06-21
Glad to see that there is other Navy Folks out there that still give a damn. Somehow it makes it all seem worth the effort.
Ritchie Horan, From Lockport N Y, Date: 1997-07-09
This is a great tribute to the men and women who served or, are serving in the USN.
Rick Sykes, From Augusta, Georgia, Date: 1997-07-31
Found your site through a link with Navy home page. Great idea !!! Looks great too!!! Printed out membership app and plan to join. Keep up the good work !
YNCS(SW/AW) Barnett, From Joint Staff, Washington, D.C., Date: 1997-10-24
Looks good! I've added it to my favorites list. Thanks.
Ruben Ramos II, From New York, N.Y., Date: 1997-06-05
Quite a unique site...Well worth the time to browse... Gives you a sense of pride for serving the United States NAVY! BRAVO ZULU!!!
HMC T.A. Gentry, From Okinawa Japan, Date: 1997-05-07
Dear CPO Shipmate, Nice home page! How did you get the port hole pic? Nice to see us proud CPOs bringing unity together on the net!
Russell M. Hooten, From Phoenix,Az, Date: 1997-05-25
Was just surfing, and found the Goats Locker, I had no idea it was on the net, from there to here. This is all just great, I have already from several old ship mates. Beginning to like a computer more and more. Keep up the good work.
James R. Wirt, From Flint, Michigan, Date: 1997-11-30
Been looking for something like this. See you all later.
George Aggott, From Dunstable MA 01827, Date: 1997-07-31
My father would have loved this web site, God rest his soul. He was a Boatswain's mate 2nd Class in WWII on a LST. Broke his heart when I went into the Army during the Vietnam era. He told me that he would rather have a sister in the cat house than a brother in the Army!
Tom "Doc" Fournier, From Milton, FL, Date: 1997-06-28
Greetings Shipmate, Great site, looking forward to investigating even further. Keep up the great work Tom "Doc"
Shayne Stephens, From Las Vegas, NV, Date: 1997-05-04
Fantastic site! Thanx for visiting my site and inviting me to yours!
Becky Chenevey, From OH, Date: 1998-01-13
This is a great site for vets.
Larry Nelson, Branch29, FRA, President, From Bremerton, Washington, Date: 1997-06-01
Great page, very informative. A lot of thought went into your page.
Carl W. Roberts, BMCM, USN RET., From Holts Summit, MO, Date: 1997-06-02
This is a page that we have needed for years to assist the Retired Community and to keep the Community aware of what is happening in our Navy. Keep up the good work.
David Friederich, From Granite City IL, Date: 1997-05-05
I am always happy to find another site devoted to our great Navy and the benefits of serving in it. You have put together a very informative website. I have put a link to it on my page. I will be back for another visit soon.
Dennis Neal, JOC, USNFR, From Northern Neck, Virginia, Date: 1997-06-23
Great lookin' page! Nice to find a spot where old shipmates congregate.
Moody Forgey FTGC(SS) ret, From Carrollton, Tx (Dallas area), Date: 1997-05-04
Great home page.
MMC T. Fox USN (ret.), From Conover, NC, Date: 1997-05-05
Excellent web site.
Robert (Gunny) Hiles, From Houston, Date: 1997-04-23
A most impressive site. I will add it to my Navy related sites within the Military Network.
Gary Harvey, DTC, USN, Retired, From ?, Date: 1997-05-25
Real nice pages. My compliments to the Chef!
Harold Jobe, From NCTAMS WESTPAC GUAM, Date: 1997-06-25
Nice site, lots of hard work went on here.
Steve Beals, From ?, Date: 1997-05-11
Great site! You have a lot of good info and I will pass on info to as many folks as possible.
Linda D. Bergeron, From Alexandria, Virginia, Date: 1997-10-28
Very impressive! A *must* site for anyone who cares about our sea service and the men and women who make it the mightiest navy ever to take to the wet stuff.
jerry kemp, From Midway Park, Nc, Date: 1997-06-01
Very Nice Site. Really Like The Portal
Ken Ely, From Jefferson, Iowa, Date: 1997-05-08
Great page, keep up the good work!
Barbara Babb ENC(SW) USN, DEI, From Albert Lea, MN/raised Parker, AZ, Date: 1997-05-04
This is an outstanding site! I am still active duty currently assigned as a COMNAVSURFLANT Certifed Diesel Inspector for RSG Norfolk. I intend to add this page to my Navy page. Barbara
George Crofton, MSgt, USAF Retired, From Lake Jackson, Texas, Date: 1997-12-06
You have created a very nice looking WebSite. You have a right to be proud of your work... Keep doing the same. I will revisit with you again.
Mike Kear, From Windsor, NSW, Australia, Date: 1997-05-05
Nice looking site. I found you after a visit from you to our site. Nice to be fostering a relationship between ourselves and the men who served in teh ships we build models of. Good luck and fair winds.
YNC Margaret "Peggy" Cook, From ?, Date: 1997-05-04
Your website is gorgeous. Love the porthole theme. Outstanding.
Billy C. Millican, From Selma, Alabama, Date: 1997-05-06
Good to see a site like this one.
Bob Witkowski, From New York, Date: 1998-01-15
Nice site. I am Secretary of USS Gearing(DD-710) Association, Inc. Come visit us.
Ray Martin CM1 (Retired), From Weston, WI, Date: 1997-06-01
Great site, will add your site to my links page on the next update. It good to find so many fellow veterans getting out the word via the internet.
CTRC Douglas Sigmon, From Misawa, Japan, Date: 1997-05-11
Great site based on a great idea. Thanks, CPO Sig
Szagny, From ?, Date: 1997-11-19
You have a great page here, I got here through the Guestbook of the moment, I'm not millitary, but I used to have a boyfriend who was on the Ranger before she was decommissioned
Wayne F Waterman BT1 RET., From Granite Falls,NC, Date: 1997-11-02
I think this is great
Rodney Henry, From Kansas City, Missouri, Date: 1997-06-02
You've got an excellent, well conceived page!
Dave Podgers, From Lockport, NY, Date: 1997-08-27
great page Ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cathrine, From Oslo, Norway, Date: 1997-11-19
Nice site !
Prentice P Theierl, From Monroeville, PA, DATE: 1997-10-06
Great site, keep up the good work!!!
Rodney A. Rees, From Port Allegany, PA, DATE: 1997-11-01
Professional work obviously done by Professionals!
Stormi, From ?, Date: 1997-11-30
I've really enjoyed my visit to your site and I will definately come back again and again... Consider this site bookmarked!
Tom Amicucci, From Just Surfed On In!, Date: 1997-11-10
Nice Page You Have Here! - Great Content! - Thanks For Letting Me Stop By And Sign Your Guest Book!
Charles E. Register, From Marietta,GA., Date: 1997-06-13
This is a great site!
JOC Philip J. Reissig, From Toledo, OH, Date: 1997-05-22
Great web site Senior. Am looking to expand and expound upon the web experience.
Richard Heffernan, From Warwick, Rhode Island, Date: 1997-10-26
Great website! Sites like this are great for helping vets get back in touch with the best friends and best times of our lives.
Rick Morrow- RM-3, From Cypress, Calif., Date: 1997-07-14
Great site, makes me want to do it all over again. . .
Wayne Waller EM4, From Columbus, Georgia, Date: 1997-11-02
Thanks for your hard work in providing this site. . .
Captain John Richardson, From Buffalo, NY, Date: 1997-11-14
Great site and good idea. Do I join at http://home.earthlink.net/~navetsusa/join.html ? Can do!
Dourg Redick, From ?, Date: 1997-08-01
Hi Ed. Cool Site even the Ol Ball and chane likes it.
Fred Keleey, From Norfolk, Date: 1997-04-28
We will add this great sight to our Web Page. Well done NAVetsUSA Webmaster
Geral Foglesong, From San Buenaventura, CA 93004, Date: 1998-01-25
The site looks very interesting and with considerable, enthusiasm in its welcoming outreach! Congratulations!
Duane A. Donecker , From Imperial Beach, Ca Usa, Date: 1998-01-20
great page, i am a carrier sailor myself but love naval history, keep up the good work ...

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